the team_

Ana Rey_

Joan Redolad_
Graphic design

Experience is everything.
We could tell you what the world was like before the internet. We don’t reject technology, but neither do we put it on an altar. We’re romantic and analogical. Our heart is in paper.

and Santa Joana de lorem ipsum_

Most holy activist, in favor of the book, tireless defender of reading.


Worshippers of Santa Joana de Lorem Ipsum: RBA Coleccionables, Norma Editorial, Penguin Random House, La Fuga Ediciones, Dorna, Montena, National Geographic, Editec Ediciones, Estudio Fenix, Random Comics

our commandments_

Do what we enjoy

It’s a privilege for us, a responsibility and peace of mind for our clients.

Without an eye on the clock

Just enough for ideas to grow and develop them the best way possible.

Always with a smile

Even when we have to tell a client that she or he isn’t right. Do you forgive us?


Honest, we don’t sell smoke and mirrors. We like simple elegant designs and direct and well-argued communication.

Learning every day

The world is changing, we evolve. Each client and project is unique with its character and individual result.

Making friends

Flexible and open. Contributors rather than suppliers, we prefer long-lasting relationships to one-off projects.


Bruniquer, 9, local 4
08012 Barcelona

+34 93 210 07 73